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CX Shopedia+

CX Shopedia+
Shopedia+ is an inflight sales mobile solution for Cathay Pacific to enhance its inflight sales service. Cabin crew can check product catalogue, product location, brand promotional info and report stock issues to support the inflight sales process. Web based admin portal is available for logistics team to manage the product details.

Any Expense

Any Expense
A handy expense tracking application to record user daily history for personal, group or trip expenses. Support approval flow for expense claim for commercial usage. Data can be exported to accountant for tax return submission.

UNews Bot


UNews Telegram Bot
UNews Bot 是個聊天機械人,他會根據你的喜好,針對關鍵字訂閱香港各大網上媒體新聞。透過分析新聞與關鍵字的相關程度,為你準確提供相關主題的最新消息。

Job Tracker

Intertek Job Tracker
Track test job status from Intertek
Find up-to-date press releases, news articles and events schedule from Intertek. Stay informed with the latest status of your test report.

Campus Manager


Campus Manager
Issue Reporting and Management Tools for School
Campus Manager is a mobile-oriented issue reporting and management solution for school. It digitize the traditional paperwork into a more productive, efficient and accurate workflow. Teachers, prefects and staffs can report and follow-up issues like discipline problems or facility repair request on the mobile app. Analytics reports and […]

ViuTV TV App

ViuTV TV App
TV Apps for Apple TV and Android TV
Sit back and watch ViuTV shows online or streams right on your TV. Enjoy a personalised experience with bookmarking and watch history across platforms.

eTraffic News

eTraffic News
Real-time traffic news from the road
Check traffic flows, jams and incidents from the Transport Department. Get notification on special traffic arrangements for advance journey planning.

RTHK On The Go

Read, listen live streams, podcasts and breaking news from RTHK radio stations.


Vendor of official apps and website development of ViuTV Channel 99

HKTE Whiteboard

Flipped teaching whiteboard tool by HKTE

HKTE Flipped

Online flipped teaching platform by HKT Education

Visual Voice Mail

Listen and manage voice messages on the app.




Deliver the latest news and news programmes produced by RTHK.

TVB 娛樂新聞

輕鬆緊貼 TVB 最新的娛樂新聞及獨家影片。



我最期待嘅 cap 圖 app 出現了!


Read stories from around the world that everyone’s talking about with the SCMP Mobile Edition.

School Channel

Watch videos from your child’s school.



To-do list on your notification. Keep your mind on every task.

Kumamon Photo

一田獨家熊本熊 Kumamoto Café 手機拍照程式,附各種可愛相框及盞鬼貼紙裝飾。







PCCW eye3

Bundle of educational and infotainment apps with exclusive audio and video call features.



Juggle like a superstar.


myWorldCup 完美配合免費電視,通過新媒體平台全面覆蓋,欣賞球賽嶄新體驗。

Easy Connect

Easy Connect helps you get rid of the clutter and stuff you hardly use and make it easier to get to the things you do want.

RTHK Screen

Deliver live webcast of RTHK TV 31 and 32, video-on-demand (VoD), download and programme subscription features.

TVB News

“TVB NEWS” App is now launched! Download it and keep up with TVB NEWS anytime, anywhere!


Touch the music. Share your tunes. Enjoy recommended music content and live radio channels anytime, anywhere!


Watch the latest full version TVB programmes in high quality with your mobile devices.

RTHK Prime

RTHK Prime 是香港電台新媒體拓展組製作的平板電腦應用程式,用戶可按喜好從內容清單中選取喜愛的內容頻道,隨時隨地透過 Wi-Fi 或 3G 網絡瀏覽、收看。

Apple Daily

Multimedia news updates at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere! A must to keep abreast of current trends and most viral news in town.


Quickly find information on Hong Kong restaurants and easily bookmark your favorites with one tap on a button.

Visual Voice Mail

Have your voicemail synchronized from system automatically.


Cloud-based digital content storage service from HKT.


Check connectivity and settings for your mobile device.

Mark Six

Pick your perfect numbers and put luck on your side.

Soccer Infocast

Stay on top of every major league and refine your bets.

My Account Check

Manage csl account and read PCCW-HKT rechargeable SIM card information.

Mobile Webstat

Measure web page loading time for list of sites.