Proximity and Location Services with Bluetooth Low Energy

What is iBeacon?

iBeaconTM is a trademarked technology from Apple Inc. Its tiny Bluetooth signal transmitter enables indoor positioning to locate people or objects with mobile devices. There are many commercial applications benefits from this technology, such as indoor guide tours, target advertising and social networking, allowing providers to send messages, promotional offers or unique experience to targets.

Power efficient

iBeacon has Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Protocol, which can save more power and has a longer battery life to 2 years.

Signal coverage

iBeacon signal can be received and translated through mobile devices. Signal coverage for about 70 meters

Low cost

A low-powered, low-cost, tiny Bluetooth signal transmitter.


Retail Store

  1. Setup
    Set up iBeacons inside the store
  2. Interactions
    Customers use mobile app to interact with the store according to iBeacon at different locations
  3. Reach the store
    Show welcoming message, coupons or check-in for any loyalty campaign
  4. Nearby an item or booth
    Show on-sale message or product information
  5. Leaving
    Show information of coming sales event or coupons available

Other applications

  • Enrich shopping experience
    Offer personalized advertisement or discount in retail shops
  • Indoor positioning
    Learn customer behavior and help planning shelf layout in grocery store
  • Customer identification
    Fast check-in at front desk of clinic or club house
  • Taking attendance
    Check-in automatically when going into a classroom
  • Adhoc network
    Enable a group of users interact within the same zone for location-based games
  • Object locating
    Seek for an iBeacon attached bicycle in a park

What we provide?

Zensis provides consultation and development services for iBeacon solutions including application development, on-site iBeacon setup, testing and maintenance. Contact us and get to know how iBeacon can fit your business plans.

Application Development

Design and develop mobile app for end-user to interact with, and management system for service administration and configuration.

Hardware Setup

ŸSetup iBeacon devices on site to enable location-based service within the area, then verify its location and signal coverage.

On-site Testing

Test the mobile app on-site, ensure the interaction and user flow meet business needs. Monitor the status of iBeacon devices and update app content on the management system.

Companies already using iBeacons