Core Features

  • Support MM1/MM4/MM3/MM7
  • MTA specialized for MMSC
  • IOMMS using MM1
  • MNP, PPG, Enum gateway
  • Class of service (CoS)
  • Proprietary promotional MMS
  • Adapt content for images, audios and videos
  • Delivery report
  • Highly customizable to fit customer’s needs
  • Horizontally scalable to support high traffic capacity
  • Store and forward processing
  • Highly availability, transparent to single point of failure
  • Management web console, traffic report and system monitoring
  • CDR generation for Operator accounting and billing purpose
  • Support SNMP, OVO agent for network management
  • Integrate with external systems such as billing gateway, user profile

Deployed by numerous mobile network operators in Asia.

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