Web gateway with MSISDN & Radius accounting message forwarding.
Boost and customize mobile Internet web browsing features

What is Zproxy?

Zproxy is a highly reliable, extensible HTTP Proxy that provides assistance to mobile Internet browsing and multimedia applications, which has already adopted by mobile network operators in Hong Kong and Macau.

It supports MSISDN, Radius account message and LDAP attributes HTTP header forwarding, working as both forward and transparent proxy to intercept HTTP traffics from particular user group, or modify HTML content for different mobile Internet services for network operators. The system design is customizable according to client’s needs.

Server Architecture

Call Flow

  1. Handset web client connects HTTP Proxy nodes in HTTP/HTTPS
  2. Radius Listener nodes receive Radius accounting messages from Radius server and do in-memory caching
  3. Radius Listener query LDAP electively to get data and cache
  4. HTTP Proxy receives HTTP traffics from GGSN, then query to the cache of Radius Listener node for user account data
  5. HTTP Proxy adds user account HTTP headers to HTTP requests based on rules defined in management server, then it forwards the modified request to content servers
  6. HTTP Proxy receives content from content servers and modifies HTML web content before sending back to handset client

Core Features

  • Enable mobile Internet browsing via HTTP
  • Forward / transparent HTTP/HTTPS proxy functionality
  • MMS forwarding to MMSC in HTTP
  • Provide interface with RADIUS server and LDAP server
  • Cache Radius accounting and LDAP data and share between Zproxy nodes
  • MSISDN, Radius account message and LDAP attributes forwarding
  • Configure rules in management server to define HTTP Proxy behaviors for specific web content
  • Modify HTTP response
  • Customize web browsing behavior flexibly
  • Horizontally scalable to support high traffic capacity
  • Highly availability, transparent to any single point of failure
  • Fully operate system though management server
  • Traffic report and system monitoring
  • CDR generation for Operator accounting and billing purpose
  • Support OVO agent for network management

Use Cases

  • Integrate with MNO’s user profile database to deliver subscription based services
  • Integrate with advertising engine to show targeted mobile Ad on website
  • Add toolbar or menu onto website or particular agent for accessing MNO specific services
  • Intergrate with web caching engine to improve web browsing speed and save Internet bandwidth from MNO
  • Integrate with video transcoding engine to deliver real-time video transcoding services for various kinds of phones

Few local mobile network operators have already used our system.

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